Paul Moravec: Scherzo (2002)

Paul Moravec displays is unique musical language in “Scherzo”, a short chamber work brimming with pulsating melodies and stimulating rhythms.

Performed by Trio Solisti
Label: Naxos

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  1. liz ames says:

    I’m a collaborative pianist and I specialize in contemporary music; specifically saxophone repertoire. I will be performing Scherzo this fall in Chicago as a part of a new series of contemporary music performances called the Sound Wired Concerts. I’m performing this with violin and cello in the fall; however, I think your piece would work beautifully as a piano/sop saxophone/ tenor or alto saxophone trio. As I mentioned, I specialize in saxophone repertoire and mostly work with professional saxophonists including the Mana Quartet. I was hoping to get your permission to transcribe the piece for piano and two saxophones. If you have any concerns about their sound, they have several recordings on their website. There will be several opportunities to perform your piece with this instrumentation next spring when they come and perform throughout Illinois as well as many opportunities after. Saxophonists are constantly seeking new music and I firmly believe this piece would do very well in this community.

    I really enjoy the piece and I’m very much looking forward to performing it with my colleagues in the fall.

    Liz Ames

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