Orlando Sentinel Review: “Light Shall Lift Us (for Orlando)”

“… of particular interest to a Central Florida audience was a work by American Paul Moravec. The Pulitzer prize winner composed a piece of music in response to the mass shooting at the Orlando nightclub in June.

Called “Light Shall Lift Us (for Orlando),” the 6-minute piece features lyrics by Mark Campbell. Both in music and words, the work is stirring in its simplicity, full of clear imagery and comforting symbolism.

“Those of us with ailing hearts, those of us with broken souls, those of us without sight, shall all take flight,” the choir sang.

Melancholy cellos open the piece, but it grows in strength until every instrument, including ringing chimes, completes the transition from mourning to hope. The male voices reach ever upward, as their notes look to the sky. And with each repetition of “As sure as there’s a sun,” the choir’s vocals grow stronger and stronger, like the very soul of the city.

“As sure as there’s a sun, light shall lift us.”

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