Financial Times of London: “Sacred Music Experiences a Revival”

The Financial Times of London recently ran an article asking “With religion declining in the west, what place is there for [religious music] now?”

The answer came back loud and clear: journalist Richard Fairman writes: “One would think the answer is obvious: it must be in a downturn too. Yet the evidence says otherwise. Proof is ringing out loud and clear in churches, cathedrals and concert-halls, as choirs perform an impressive number of newly composed religious works.”

Highlighted in the article was the November Psalms Project as described in two recent posts: “An Unprecedented Event in New York” and NY Times: Interfaith Dialogue, Sung by Two Choruses, “A notable evening in November saw new Psalms commissions being performed in a collaboration between Temple Emanu-El and the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, the prominent Jewish and Christian centres of worship in New York.” This program featured the Paul Moravec composition I Will Fear No Evil (Psalm 23).

Listen to an archival recording of the world premiere.

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