MORPH at Merkin Concert Hall, NYC

Morph by Paul Moravec will be presented Tuesday, April 30, at Merkin Concert hall, New York City as part of the Celebrating Paul Sacher program by the Orchestra for the Next Century.

Orchestra for the Next Century
Gary M. Schneider, conductor
Michi Wiancko, violin
Yael Manor, piano

April 30, 2013; Tuesday, 8:00PM

Program notes for MORPH (2005) – Paul Moravec

Morph is a musical fantasy on aspects of the Apollo & Daphne myth as related in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Shot by Cupid’s arrow, Apollo pursues the panicking Daphne through field and forest. At the very moment the god overtakes the nymph, she calls out to her father, the river-god Peneus, to transform her into a laurel tree. In his anguish Apollo proclaims, “Daphne, who cannot be my wife must be the seal,/The sign of all I own, immortal leaf/Twined in my hair as hers, and by this sign/My constant love, my honor shall be shown/…” And in response to Apollo’s devotion, “The laurel shook her branches and seemed to bow/A timid blessing on her lover’s pleasure.”

The title also refers to the nature of the music itself as motivic, harmonic, rhythmic, and phrase units continually metamorphose in the course of the work’s development. Finally, the title appropriately suggests the figure of Morpheus, god of dreams, in that an archetypal myth may be regarded as a civilization’s collective dream.

—- Paul Moravec

The program:

STRAVINSKY: Concerto in D for String Orchestra*
MARGARET BROUWER: Violin Concerto (NY Premiere)
Michi Wiancko, Violin Soloist
PAUL MORAVEC: Morph, for String Orchestra
MARTINŮ: Double Concerto for Two String Orchestras, Piano & Timpani*
Yael Manor, Piano Soloist

OFNC honors eminent Swiss conductor and musical philanthropist Paul Sacher (1906-1999), who through his commissioning of new works for his Basel Chamber Orchestra from many of the most important composers of the 20th century, is responsible for the existence of countless landmark musical compositions. Many of these works are universally considered to be priceless gems of the orchestral repertoire and are heard every year in concert halls around the world. OFNC will perform two Sacher commissioned works that are less often performed, but deserving of as much praise and recognition as the other works that we know so well.

Paired with these Sacher commissions from Stravinsky and Martinů, we present two recent works by distinguished American composers Margaret Brouwer and Paul Moravec that share a strong musical affinity with the earlier works, but realized through the craft, ears and sensibility of today.

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