NY Times Article: Composing for Nonprofessionals

New York TimesA recent New York Times article: Something New for Amateur Night: Nonprofessional Musicians Like Contemporary Challenges highlights the minority of composers who embrace the opportunity to write for nonprofessional musicians and cites Paul Moravec as an example:

Paul Moravec, a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer who has participated in the program at Bennington, said in an interview that it is “a great civic duty” to write, at least occasionally, music for nonprofessionals. He cited as a role model Benjamin Britten, whose output included numerous works for amateur settings. “What I admire about Britten is that whether he’s writing for a world-class virtuoso or for an English boy choir in the neighborhood, it’s always top-drawer,” Mr. Moravec said. “It was technically different because it had to be, but it’s always his best.” New York Times, October 5, 2014

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