Subito Music Corporation, publishers of Paul Moravec’s recent opera, THE SHINING, announce the opening of a new website dedicated to this monumental work. The site features video clips, a gallery of photos, and behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of this masterwork called “A Thrilling Addition to the Repertoire” and “An Unqualified Success”. There are also […] Read more »

The Economist: The Shining’s long shadow

The Economist

An in-depth exploration of The Shining moving from novel (with sequel) to movie to opera concluding: “The Shining” lives on because it taps into something deep in the psyche. Whether it’s Mr King’s tortured Jack lurking in the basement, Kubrick’s eternally-crazed Jack roaming through the maze, or now Mr Moravec’s caretaker singing: “I am the […] Read more »

NPR: ‘Re-Imagining Sondheim’: A Pianist And His Peers Deconstruct The Master

NPR Music

“Pianist Anthony de Mare commissioned 36 composers to rework songs by Stephen Sondheim for the new album Liaisons: Re-Imagining Sondheim from The Piano. De Mare joined Shapiro at NPR’s Washington, D.C., studios to chat about the project — and sat down at the piano to demonstrate how works by Sondheim, Gershwin and Paul Moravec all […] Read more »

NY Times Article: Composing for Nonprofessionals

A recent New York Times article: Something New for Amateur Night: Nonprofessional Musicians Like Contemporary Challenges highlights the minority of composers who embrace the opportunity to write for nonprofessional musicians and cites Paul Moravec as an example: Paul Moravec, a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer who has participated in the program at Bennington, said in an interview […] Read more »

More “Change at Jamaica”

Paul Moravec | Change at Jamaica

Paul Moravec’s Change at Jamaica has certainly captured the media’s attention and more and more varied outlets are featuring stories about this piece. Three of the most recent include: Garden City Patch, Newsday – Long Island Now, and the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) YouTube Channel. Read more »