The Tennessean: More on “Amorisms”

The Tennessean reports on the newly released album, Amorisms, by Paul Moravec performed by ALIAS Chamber Ensemble and Portara Ensemble. The article points out, “The project actually started out in 2014 with three prominent Nashville arts organizations — the Grammy-nominated ALIAS, Portara Ensemble and Nashville Ballet — teaming up to commission a new work by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul Moravec.”

The article quotes Moravec, “ALIAS is thinking very imaginatively. They’re really reinventing concert music. This is something of a golden age for ensembles such ALIAS, and it’s exciting to see them working together with Portara and Nashville Ballet in this way. The dance component is particularly interesting to me, because that really challenged the way I approached the music. I had to think in terms of the physical motion, the visual movement. I didn’t want to use too many words, because I felt that might distract the audience from the dancers. So I started thinking about short phrases or ‘aphorisms,’ which of course is where the title comes from.”

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