THE SHINING: First Notices

The Shining

After Saturday's premiere of The Shining, the reviews are coming in: "Paul Moravec's music sets the tone from the first moments. It's a rich, multi-layered soundscape that breathes life into the Overlook Hotel, which is both the setting and the villain of the piece." Read more »

“Review: Bach Festival Society ends season in a blaze of glory”

Music, Awake! Review | Orlando Sentinel

From the Orlando Sentinel review of the Bach Festival Society premiere performance of Music Awake!: The star attraction, however, was “Music, Awake!,” making its world premiere. Composed by Paul Moravec with words by Terry Teachout, the piece was commissioned by the society to honor John Sinclair for his 25 years as music director. … Moravec […] Read more »

Review: Dallas Chamber Symphony Performs “Chamber Symphony”

The Dallas Morning News

In a review entitled Dallas Chamber Symphony has fun with Buster Keaton film, columnist Scott Cantrell has this to say about the Paul Moravec piece: From American composer Paul Moravec, born in 1957, came the 2003 Chamber Symphony, scored for flute, oboe, horn, violin, cello, piano and percussion. Here, too, is much sheer energy, the […] Read more »

The Boston Globe Reviews ‘The New Brandenburgs’

The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has a review of the recent Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) performance of The New Brandenburgs in which six current composers were commissioned to compose a new work inspired by a particular concerto in Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. The review said, “Paul Moravec’s “Brandenburg Gate” (No. 2) suggests not only the title arch […] Read more »

The Horn Book: I’ll Show You WINTER

The Horn Book

From Roger Sutton – Read Roger – in The Horn Book, March 6, 2015: Seasonally enough, last night I attended Blizzard of Voices, an oratorio by Paul Moravec … While you might have thought the warm and woody Jordan Hall would have been an oasis in Boston’s horrible weather, Moravec’s commemoration of the 1888 Schoolhouse […] Read more »

Boston Classical Review: Moravec’s stunning “Blizzard Voices” receives powerful premiere from BMOP

Boston Classical Review

By Aaron Keebaugh, March 6, 2015 Disastrous winters live long in historical memory. For example, there is the blizzard that hit the Great Plains in January of 1888, which caught many who lived in the Midwestern territories unawares. Known as the Children’s Blizzard, the storm trapped students and teachers in their one-room schoolhouses where they […] Read more »

Wall Street Journal – Newest of the New

Wall Street Journal | New York Festival of Song

The Wall Street Journal featured an in-depth review of The New York Festival of Song (NYFOS) highlighting the recent February 10 show. “Mr. Moravec’s program (Feb. 10) demonstrated his operatic bona fides in effective character pieces from his two completed operas, “The King’s Man,” about Benjamin Franklin, and “The Letter,” after W. Somerset Maugham, before […] Read more »

Financial Times of London: “Sacred Music Experiences a Revival”

Soli Deo Gloria

The Financial Times of London recently ran an article asking “With religion declining in the west, what place is there for [religious music] now?” The answer came back loud and clear: journalist Richard Fairman writes: “One would think the answer is obvious: it must be in a downturn too. Yet the evidence says otherwise. Proof […] Read more »