Upcoming: Pulitzer Centennial

Pulitzer Prize Centennial

The Pulitzer Prize yearlong Centennial celebration kicks off with a special, invitation-only event for prize winners January 28-29, 2016 in Washington D.C. Paul Moravec, having won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in Music, will be in attendance. Future events around the country will be free and open to the public. Throughout 2016, Pulitzer winners and enthusiasts […] Read more »

The Boston Globe Reviews ‘The New Brandenburgs’

The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has a review of the recent Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) performance of The New Brandenburgs in which six current composers were commissioned to compose a new work inspired by a particular concerto in Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. The review said, “Paul Moravec’s “Brandenburg Gate” (No. 2) suggests not only the title arch […] Read more »

More on “Brandenburg Gate”

Subito Music Corporation

Subito Music Corporation – Paul’s publisher – has more on the upcoming presentation of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project presentation of the Boston premiere of Paul Moravec’s Brandenburg Gate as part of its winter program “The New Brandenburgs.” Access the complete article… Read more »

BMOP Presents “New Brandenburgs” January 22


The Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) performs “New Brandenburgs” January 22, 2016 at Jordan Hall in Boston. Inspired by Bach’s “Brandenburg Concertos,” “New Brandenburgs,” a collection of six pieces by six modern composers, including Paul Moravec’s Brandenburg Gate (2008), composed specifically for the series. For more information… To order tickets… Read more »

Nashville Scene: Another “Amorisms” Review

Nashville Scene

Nashville Scene has a lengthy and thoughtful review of Paul Moravec’s Amorisms: “Alias Chamber Ensemble and Portara Ensemble’s new album gives composer Paul Moravec and Shakespeare their due” The article describes the origin of the project: “The inspiration for Amorisms came to Moravec after a visit to the Bard’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The work, which […] Read more »

The Tennessean: More on “Amorisms”

The Tennessean

The Tennessean reports on the newly released album, Amorisms, by Paul Moravec performed by ALIAS Chamber Ensemble and Portara Ensemble. The article points out, “The project actually started out in 2014 with three prominent Nashville arts organizations — the Grammy-nominated ALIAS, Portara Ensemble and Nashville Ballet — teaming up to commission a new work by […] Read more »

Amorisms: Music of Paul Moravec CD Release Party January 10, 2016

Paul Moravec: Amorisms

Please join Portara Ensemble and ALIAS as we celebrate the long-awaited release of our latest CD recording, Amorisms, composed by Pulitzer Prize winning composer Paul Moravec. Come and enjoy food and drinks, visit with the composer (who will be in attendance), and view the video recording of the world premiere dance performance of Amorisms, as […] Read more »